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Baseball Bases / Softball Bases

Baseball technologies are moving forward at a rapid pace, and while you're probably taking advantage of the upgrades in bats, gloves and helmets, don't forget to keep your bases updated.

At Sports Unlimited, we offer a range of baseball bases and softball bases designed to help keep your diamond safe. We have both progressive release and break away bases that will help limit injuries caused by sliding into the bag. While teaching proper sliding techniques is the biggest deterrent to preventing injury, these bases are built to cover any mistakes. Unlike traditional anchored bases, both progressive release and break away bases will flex to absorb energy if a player slides incorrectly.

Progressive release is a two-piece system that places a base in a permanent anchor, but allows the base to pop off if too much force is applied. The break away system, found in Rogers bases, uses three pieces to up the safety. A base plate is fixed into an anchor in the ground and then a break away base is placed on top. If a player hits the bag at an awkward angle, it will pop off the base plate and allow the slide to continue.

Check your league rules to see what kind of bases comply with your safety guidelines and then check out our selection to see what fits best for you.


Baseball Bases / Softball Bases