Outdoor Games
Outdoor Games

Toss Games

Toss games are perfect for family gatherings, barbeques with friends, tailgates, or even trips to the beach. Main types of toss games include disc toss games, washer sets, ladder golf and cornhole.

Disc toss games are great for kids (over age 12) and adults. For can-style games, play on teams of 2 like cornhole or horseshoes. First team to 21 points wins! Other disc games include disc golf and other target games.

Washer sets are the classic toss game that never gets old. Perfect for all ages (little kids love throwing things too) and easy to transport, these sets are a much-have in your outdoor game collection.

Ladder golf can be played by all ages. Simply set up the two targets and go. Can be played one-on-one or in teams of two. The goal is to toss the balls and have them wrap around the horizontal bars on the target. Many sets even have a score tracker on the frame of the targets.

Cornhole is everywhere. The boards feature collapsible legs and many sets have carry bags, allowing you to move them easily wherever you go. Perfect for tailgates or barbeques. You can play one-on-one or in teams of two. Even kids will love this game. For kids, you can just put the boards closer together to give them a better chance. Cornhole boards can be found in basic colors, themes, collegiate designs, or patriotic designs. You can even customize your set with fun-patterned bags to coordinate with your boards.