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The quick and easy way to get help or information. Submit your question or comment and a customer service representative will respond back to you as quickly as possible. You can also check our Frequently Asked Questions section for help in finding an immediate answer to our most commonly asked questions.

Q & A
By Joe from Winston Salem, NC on July 31, 2014
Do you offer a side panel for the 9x9 tents that has a zipper for entry?
By Customer Service on August 4, 2014

Unfortunately, we only offer the solid side panels in solid colors or with team logos.
By Customer Service on August 4, 2014

Unfortunately, we only offer the solid side panels in solid colors or with team logos.

By Brett from Washington, Kansas on July 7, 2014
Does the Riddell Revolution Speed Adult Helmet come with the warning label for the helmet itself on the back?
By Customer Service on July 8, 2014

Yes, there is a warning sticker on the back of the helmet.

By wanda reck from Bradford,Ohio on August 28, 2014
if I order stadium seats can I have the school name put on them

By Customer Service on August 29, 2014

You can order personalized stadium chairs with embroidery directly on the site. If you are interested in ordering 12 or more chairs for a booster club or fundraiser, please contact the Team Department at 866-286-9772 for bulk pricing and customization options.

By Bash from California on July 18, 2013
If I buy a Schutt helmet will it come certified or do I have to send it out?
By Customer Service on July 18, 2013

All Schutt helmets come NOCSAE certified.

By sylvia D Burnside from Maitland, Fl on August 6, 2014
I'm about to order the STX Field Hockey Shin Guard Socks but I wanted to see if you carried the light weight shin guards that go with them?
By Customer Service on August 8, 2014

You can find all of our STX Field Hockey Shin Guards here:

By Audrey from Elk Grove, Ca on September 3, 2014
Do you carry bicycle parts such as rim's, tires, tubs, etc?
By Customer Service on September 5, 2014

We do not carry bicycle parts at this time
By Customer Service on September 5, 2014

We do not carry bicycle parts at this time

By Walter Loughman from Heath,Ohio on June 24, 2013
I see you have replacement backs for stadium seat do you have replacement seat portion. I have a good frame but would like to replace back and seat.
By Customer Service on June 24, 2013

No. Unfortunately the bottom fabric is not currently offered separately from the manufacturer.

By Cuca from chicago,Illinois on November 16, 2014
how long does it take for pending points to be rewarded?
By Customer Service on November 17, 2014

Points for purchases are awarded when the order is processed. Points for things such as reviews are generally approved within a week.

By Marybeth Cook from New Hampshire on November 16, 2014
what does it mean when it asks " install one chair back $5.99" . There is no description of this anywhere on the website. Thx MB
By Customer Service on November 17, 2014

The chair back comes separate from the base. It is installed easily with 2 screws that are included. For $5.99 we will install the chair back for you.

By Jared Moore from Pennsylvania on May 3, 2014
I want to purchase 4 pairs of Bronco Pro-flip horseshoes. I see your website says orders over $99 is free shipping and when I went to purchase them it charged me shipping and there was no option for the 7-10 day shipping like the website said. I want to make sure that I will get free shipping if I buy these horseshoes. If I need to call in the order I can. Please let me know. Thank you.
By Customer Service on May 5, 2014

Some items are excluded from the free shipping promotion. Due to the heavy weight of the horseshoes, they are not available for free shipping.

By Vin from NJ on August 8, 2014
I'm trying to determine the correct size for shoulder pads. My son's measurements are chest 33", shoulder width 15.5" and weight 114 pounds. I'm looking at these: Item #: 251-801157
By Customer Service on August 11, 2014

He would be a medium. You should always go with the shoulder measurement first and the chest measurement as a back up. Weight should be used last, because payers can weigh the same amount, but have completely different measurements.

By Lou from Dallas, TX on October 19, 2013
Do you carry backs for the Deluxe (larger) Stadium Chair?
By Customer Service on October 21, 2013

You can purchase the wide stadium chair backs here:

By Rob from Alabama on September 4, 2013
with the DNA EGOP II Titanium Football Facemask fit the Schutt Recruit Hypbid Helmet?

By Customer Service on September 4, 2013

Yes, the DNA facemasks fit the Recruit helmets.

By Robert Foxcroft from Mesa, Arizona on September 10, 2014
I am looking for a youth football face mask for a Riddell Revolution Edge youth helmet. Is the a Schutt or Riddell one that fits?
By Customer Service on September 11, 2014

Riddell Revo Speed facemasks fit on the Edge helmets. You will need the small version if your Edge helmet is size XXS-S.

By Tony Lombardi from Albany ny on October 28, 2013
Soft Touch Double First Base Baseball / Softball Base Set with 2nd and 3rd Bases
Item #: 747-A15DBL-SET
Are these 15" basses
By Customer Service on October 29, 2013

Yes, this set has 15" bases.

By Riley from Shaunavon, Saskatchewan on October 18, 2014
Do you ship to Canada? If so, at what cost?
By Customer Service on October 20, 2014

We do ship to Canada. The cost will vary depending on the item and method of shipment selected. You can add the item(s) to your cart on the site and the available shipping methods and costs will be displayed in the cart with the shipping calculator.

By Dougal from Canada on July 1, 2015
Does free shipping for products over $100 still apply internationally?
By Customer Service on July 2, 2015

No. The free shipping offer only applies to orders within the contiguous United States.

By Rachel from México on August 13, 2014
I need a football helmet, my son´s head measures 20.5 inches, which is the maximum size of the extra small helmet,should I buy a small size instead?
By Customer Service on August 18, 2014

You should always buy the size that your child fits into the range for. A helmet that is too large will not provide the fit needed for optimal protection.

By Allison from New york on August 13, 2014
Which facemask goes with the Air xp pro youth helmet item #251-789600?
By Customer Service on August 18, 2014

Super pro facemasks fit AiR XP helmets (excluding size XL).

By Peter from Toronto, Ontario on July 8, 2015
What currency are your products in?
By Customer Service on July 9, 2015

Based on your country, the site should update to your currency. If it is just listed as "$" that is US Dollars.

By Enrique Vargas from Cartago, Costa Rica on July 2, 2014
Hello! I have an American Football helmet the brand is Adams.. In the instructions says " FOR PLAY THROUGH JUNIOR-HIGH SCHOOL ONLY" What is the difference between this and a professional one? Can you help me please!
By Customer Service on July 3, 2014

Youth helmets are used in junior high school and younger leagues. Their shell is made of ABS plastic. Adult helmets are made of a harder polycarbonate plastic shell to protect against harder hits. You cannot wear a youth helmet in an adult league or an adult helmet in a youth league.

By peyton from Fresno, California on July 30, 2014
on the xenith adult epic helmet does the L in the product name stand for Large?

By Customer Service on August 4, 2014

In the Color-Size menus, "L" does stand for Large