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Baseball & Softball Sliding Shorts

Sliding into third base can get a bit rough on your legs no matter how perfect your slide is. With sliding shorts from brands like Mizuno, Easton, McDavid, and Shock Doctor, you can find the perfect design and construction that your body needs to protect you on the basepath. Whether you are just learning baseball sliding or in need of some adult men's softball shorts for your 10th season on the company team, you can find just what you're looking for at Sports Unlimited. Using compression fit and strategically placed padding, these baseball sliding shorts give you the confidence to go in strong and the compression to keep on moving.

Most men's sliding shorts provide padding on the outer-side of the thigh up toward the hips, but also are designed with a cup pocket so that you can keep another vulnerable spot protected. Most of these shorts do not come with a baseball cup, but are designed to accommodate whichever cup you've got or decide to purchase. Getting down to beat a throw at third base can be crucial in the game and one of the biggest mistakes when sliding is hesitating and fear of injury, but with sliding shorts for either baseball or softball, you can make that hard slide and feel less of the sting.