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At Sports Unlimited, we offer basketball equipment to suit everyone's needs. Residential fixed height, adjustable and portable hoops for driveways, wall mounted hoops for gyms, and rigid playground hoops for parks and playgrounds. We have a wide selection of basketball gear, hoops, and more for different skill levels and budgets. Remember the more rigid the hoop, the better the performance.

Things to think about before buying a basketball hoop:
  1. Where will players be using this hoop? The type of hoop(s) you need depends a lot on where it will be used. A goal used indoors can differ greatly than one used outdoors.
  2. Where is this hoop being mounted/installed? In the driveway, at the playground, on the roof or garage, in the gym or perhaps you want a portable goal?
  3. Do you need an adjustable or fixed hoop? Adjustable hoops vary in the range of possible height adjustments. With residential hoops, an adjustable goal is beneficial for younger players. A gym benefits from an adjustable wall mounted goal for times it is not in use. Fixed hoops are great for playgrounds and gymnasiums that want a stationary wall mounted hoop.
  4. Who is using this hoop? Skilled ball players may need a tougher hoop for aggressive play. Different systems are built for different play.

The answers to these questions will narrow your selection, but if you have more questions about buying a basketball goal, don't hesitate to call our customer service team.

Aside from basketball systems, you'll also need the accessories to start playing. We have basketball equipment for all ages and skill levels, including balls from top brands in the industry including Wilson and Spalding. Everyone in the neighborhood will come to your house to play when you have all the basketball gear necessities including pole padding, court stencil kits, nets and training aids.

Play your best ball with Under Armour Basketball gear including performance clothing for youth and adults. We encourage leagues and individual teams to talk with our experienced Team Department for custom basketball uniforms and warmups.

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