It doesnÆt matter whether you are a quarterback, running back, receiver, defensive or offensive line, you can always benefit from some added protection around your ribs. Football rib protectors, also known as flac jackets or rib guards, are the ideal addition to a pair of football shoulder pads. ThereÆs also the option of attaching a back plate to some of the rib protectors to offer additional protection. There are many different styles and sizes to choose from, and a lot of the decision comes down to personal preference.

There are various types of rib protection. There is the standard rib pad that comes in a hard shell or a more flexible high density foam. Flac jackets are worn like a shirt and are made with moisture wicking fabric to keep you cool under your shoulder pads. Some come not only with rib protection but with additional shoulder padding. Football manufacturers like Schutt, Xenith, Riddell, Douglas, and Gear Pro-Tec have all designed rib protectors that mount to their respective shoulder pads.

One of our best selling youth football rib protectors is made by Adams. ItÆs available in all sizes from Pee Wee to Varsity, and offers maximum protection on the front and back. ItÆs air cushion construction makes it lightweight and more comfortable to wear.

Q & A
By Olga from Denver co on May 10, 2014
These protectors, should they be woren if you have a broken rib??

By Customer Service on May 12, 2014

Typically, rib protectors are worn to prevent rib injuries. If you have a broken bone, you should consult a physician to see if it is safe to play and if so, what protection they would recommend.