Football Visors / Football Eye Shields

Eyeshields and visors have become increasingly popular in football over the years with everyone from youth players to NFL pros. They've been proven again and again to prevent eye injuries without reducing or blurring vision, like some configurations of football facemasks may. With all of their benefits, and at such low costs, its easy to see why football visors are so widely used.

Football visors and eyeshields fit easily onto almost any football helmet, under the facemask, for instant eye protection. Many football visors are designed clear, for great vision and safety. But over the years, producers began developing tinted and filtering football visors that act like high-quality sunglasses, reducing glare and actually improving vision. Players these days own multiple visors and football eyeshields, and quickly swap them out depending on the weather conditions.

At Sports Unlimited, we want to bring you the highest quality, and most affordable football equipment available. So we stock football visors and eyeshields from some of the best brands like Oakley, Under Armour, and Nike. With the latest, hottest styles and designs, you're sure to find a visor here that will set you apart and raise your game to new levels!


Football Visors / Football Eye Shields

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