Slow Pitch Softball Bats

Step up to the plate swinging the best softball bat for you, after you check out our huge collection of slowpitch softball bats here at Sports Unlimited. With a huge array of styles, sizes, colors, and brands, you're sure to find something that compliments your game perfectly. So next time you're on deck, you know exactly which bat you're going for.

Finding that perfect softball bat for you, means finding a bat that fits your personal preferences, skill level, age, and budget. Each slowpitch softball bat offers different features and benefits that compliment different players and skills. The material used to make the bat is the number one difference between bats across the board. It's important to understand the main types of bats out there before you look into getting a new one for this season.

The drop of the bat is also an important factor to keep in mind. The drop refers to the bat's weight minus its length. So a -3 bat would be a 30 ounce, 33" bat. Larger bats give you greater swing speeds, while bats with small drops deliver more power.

Usually about 34" long, and between 26 and 30 ounces in weight, slowpitch softball bats are longer and typically heavier than fastpitch softball bats, although some players also use fastpitch bats in slowpitch leagues. Again, this is up to personal preference. But whether you're a casual player, high school, or college star, whatever bat you're looking for, we've got it here at Sports Unlimited. So browse around, and we're sure your next trip to the plate will be out of the park!

Slow Pitch Bats

Slow Pitch Softball Bats

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