Sports Unlimited carries a whole lot of baseballs so that whichever league you play in, you're using the right ball. From t-balls that are a little bit squishy to make the ball a tiny bit easier to hit and to keep young players protected to the official MLB baseball from Rawlings, you can get whatever you like in between. Different baseballs use different materials for the cover, laces, and core of the ball. Some balls use full grain leather covers that hold up well to countless hits and some balls use synthetic leather covers. Some baseballs use a cork and rubber center, a cushioned cork center, soft cores for t-balls, cork and rubber pill, and more alternatives. Regardless of the makeup of the ball, it is important to use the ball that is used in the league that you play in. Often the ball will have the league name in the title, but if you're still unsure, simply ask your coach what ball.

Baseballs are great to have around whether you are playing in a league or not because having a catch on a nice day is a great way to get exercise and practice hand-eye coordination. The game has been played for over a hundred years in the United States of America. Take part in one of the most cherished traditions in our country's history, which is as simple as a ball and a glove, thrown across a lawn. You don't have to hit mid-nineties four seamer to have fun.