Lacrosse Equipment & Sticks


Lacrosse is a game with quite a few requirements, first and foremost, you must be dedicated to the game in training and on the game field, but also, there is a lot of gear required to play the game. Some athletes and parents view that as a drawback to playing lacrosse, but really it allows players to play safely and it's part of what makes the game so incredible. From lacrosse sticks (shafts and heads), shoulder pads, elbow pads, helmets, cleats, bags, and more, Sports Unlimited can outfit lacrosse players with the best gear so that they can be their best self on the field.

From youth players and beginners to professional MLL players, finding the right equipment is crucial. Sticks are divided into two pieces: the head and the shaft. Generally younger players will opt for a complete stick that comes with both pieces attached. More advanced players will want to buy the head and the shaft separately so that they can customize the feel and benefits of their overall stick. To learn about all of it, check out our lacrosse buyer's guide, and if you want to learn more specifically about shafts, we have a lacrosse shaft guide as well.


Lacrosse Equipment & Sticks

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