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In baseball, one of the most vulnerable spots for a player in the field is the chest area. Hard hit balls can take wicked hops in the infield and even when you position yourself perfectly to make the play, there is no guarantee that the ball won't take on crazy hop. Whether the ball deflects off your glove or flies right by it, plenty of players have been hit square in the sternum. Now, with baseball apparel and protective tech making advancements every year, Sports Unlimited carries a selection of protective baseball shirts that place pads in the sternum and rib areas. EvoShield uses its innovative Gel-2-Shell shield technology that custom molds right to your body and McDavid goes for its signature Hex Pad that uses hexagonally shaped foam pads to absorb and disperse energy from the impact of the ball. Whichever way you go, and there are more options than just those two brands, you will feel safer and play with more confidence in a protective baseball shirt.

Not all baseball shirts need to have protective gear to be effective. Brands like Under Armour that consistently force evolution in the athletic apparel industry make gear that help you perform better on the field. With moisture-wicking, anti-bacterial, comfortable shirts, you can train in the best gear or wear it under your jersey.