The key to running is to be prepared. Not only do you need to be conditioned, but you need the proper equipment to keep you going. Running shoes are the single most important tool to achieving success when running. Wearing improper shoes when running can cause painful, nagging injuries that can set you back in your exercise routine.

But being fully equipped when running doesn't just end there. If you're running in hot weather or are running long distances, you will want to suit up with a waist pack or hydration pack. These packs allow you to stay fueled without disrupting your run. The waist packs and hydration packs allow you to stock liquids such as water or endurance fuel as well as quick snacks for on the fly refueling.

If you like to listen to your music while you exercise, check out our iPod armbands so you can keep your music close and secure to you while you run. Get fit and healthy by running, and gear up at Sports Unlimited.