Waist Packs & Fuel Packs

Going for a run shouldn't be complex. You should be able to concentrate on running without any extra hassle. That's why using a waist pack for your hydration needs should be a standard for all runners. This is especially true for running in the summer, when the heat is intense and you're losing more nutrients than normal. A waist pack allows you to take in fluids during your run, without stopping or slowing down, to avoid dehydrating and succumbing to the heat.

Runners waist packs vary in size, shape, and style. Some packs allow you to carry multiple water bottles, where each bottle can contain a unique liquid if you so choose. Other packs have organized pouches that allow you to store different items, such as energy gels or an extra pair of socks.

Be sure to prepare properly for your run by gearing up with a fuel pack. Running is a great exercise, but it is all for naught if you break down early because you are dehydrated, or worse. If you're looking for something that will strap on to your back like a backpack, check out our Hydration Packs. Hydration packs allow you to focus a little more on the terrain, and are great for numerous activities, including biking.

Waist / Fuel Packs

Waist Packs & Fuel Packs

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