Football Helmet Jaw Pads

Jaw pads snap into each side of a football helmet and help to keep the helmet fitted properly so that you are better protected for front-side and lateral hits. Although it may seem like a relatively inconsequential piece of equipment, jaw pads are incredibly important. Without them, your football helmet would not be nearly as protective and it is vital that you have the right size and fit for your helmet and your head specifically. Whether you are replacing a piece or getting a different size or shape, Sports Unlimited stocks jaw pads and can ship them out super fast because we would never want you to be without a properly fitting pad on any practice or game day.

Made with different high quality plastics and foams, these protective pieces of equipment have more benefits than meet the eye. Many manufacturers build these pads with anti-bacterial coatings to prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria. This helps keep your helmet smelling slightly more fresh, but obviously, you'll want to take care of your gear and do some of your own sanitizing if you really want to keep it from stinking.

Make sure that the jaw pads you choose will fit your specific helmet. Not all helmets have the snaps in identical locations and if it doesn't snap in properly, it isn't going to protect you the way it should and the way you need to be protected.

Jaw Pads

Football Helmet Jaw Pads

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