Roller Hockey, Street Hockey, Ice Hockey Equipment


"Game on!" It's time to get the neighborhood kids together for an after-school game of street hockey! But first, it's time to visit Sports Unlimited for all your roller hockey gear!

There's nothing like spending the afternoon on a spring or fall day playing hockey with your friends. Whether you're a master on your hockey skates, or just playing on your feet, what really matters is the thrill of the game. But to get the most out of it, you're going to need some solid gear. That's where we come in. Sports Unlimited has everything you need for years of great street hockey...and then some! From our massive collection of hockey sticks to our wide selection of protective goalie gear, we have it all for every player of every age (even stuff for Dad when he wants to join in).

If you're ready to fly, check out our selection of cool roller hockey skates from Tour. Lace up, and they'll never stop you, just hope to contain you. But for Mom and Dad's sake, please pick up a hockey helmet. You'll stay safe and look even more intimidating on the street.

If you want to be the one all the kids go to when they're looking to get a game together, it helps to be the one with the net. That's why Sports Unlimited offers a huge selection of roller hockey nets and street hockey goal targets. We've got everything from serious competition-level goals to lightweight, foldable hockey goals, all at surprisingly low prices. Try out a hockey shooting target in the backyard and hone your skills before the next game!

Whatever you need for your favorite neighborhood game, we've got it right here at Sports Unlimited. So browse our collection of great gear from Franklin, Rage Cage, Park & Sun, and Tour, to find exactly what you need!


Roller Hockey, Street Hockey, Ice Hockey Equipment

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