Roller Hockey Skates

Love hockey but hate the cold? Consider picking up roller hockey. The most important piece of equipment for a roller hockey player is the correct footwear. You cannot play roller hockey (well) with typical roller blades that would be used for leisure or fitness.

Roller hockey skates do not have breaks. Recreational inline skates usually have a rubber break on the back of the skate that the wearer can use by lifting up the toe of the skate.

Roller hockey skates have a boot similar to ice hockey skates. There is a high back and tongue which ankle support and laces for closure. Recreational inline skates are often more padded and may have laces, buckles, or a combination as a form of closure.

Roller hockey skates have four wheels. Recreational inline skates typically have five wheels. The only roller hockey skates that have five wheels are goalie skates. Goalie skates also have smaller wheels, which positions the foot closer to the ground, lowering the player's center of gravity and increasing their balance. Wheels can be made for indoor or outdoor use depending on the location of play and can even be switched if you play in both indoor and outdoor leagues.

As with recreational skates, some youth roller hockey skates are adjustable. The toe of the boot can be extended to accommodate children with growing feet.

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