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Basketball Coaching Aids

Coaching a basketball team can be hard work no matter what levels or ages you are working with. Make it easier on yourself with coaching aids such as whiteboards, playmakers, and clipboards. These boards help coaches draw up plays so players can visualize where they should be on the court and how to execute the play. Most boards come with a dry erase marker so you can quickly and easily erase and come up with the next play or defensive scheme on the fly. Coaching boards are available from brands such as KBA and Sport Write and feature full court or half court diagrams. Some are even double sided and can be used for lineups or other notes! Use them during games, practices or pre-game preparation in the locker room. They are also great for coaches to use amongst themselves when designing new plays and schemes. Available in different sizes to fit in your bag, briefcase or hang on the locker room wall. Some even feature magnetic pieces to represent players on the court. Used on the sidelines by coaches from middle school all the way up to the NBA. Coaching boards even help super star Lebron James visualize a game winning shot when his coach draws up a play during a timeout. Communication is key when it comes to team sports so grab a coaching board and set yourself up for the win!