Basketball Backboard & Rim Packages

Investing in a high quality basketball backboard can make the game more fun and more fair. People who don't play basketball don't always recognize the importance of a backboard, but when you're the one playing on a mediocre or poor backboard, you notice a big difference in how the game is played. Basketball backboards with padded lining for potential hand and head collisions. The easiest way to set up your gym with a fantastic hoop is the get a basketball backboard and rim all in one. Our selection of combo rim and basketball backboards take the stress out of finding separate pieces.

If you're mounting in a gymnasium, these basketball backboard packages are the perfect option to easily get set up with everything you need. With plenty of backboard options from First Team, Spalding, and Bison, you can choose from different sized backboards, different glass, multiple color padding options, rim styles and materials and pretty much anything else associate with a basketball backboard and rim. These combos are to mount directly to any standard manufacturer's short board ceiling or wall mount structure. This universal retro-fitting allows you to get the exact backboard and rim you want without having to go with the same brand as the previous hoop.

Make sure you take a look at the exact dimensions of the backboard while you are making a purchasing decision because not all backboard have the same dimensions. The standard backboard package uses a 42 inch height and 72 width, but some of the ""tall"" backboards us a 48 inch height and 72 inch width. Additionally, most of these basketball goals have breakaway rims so that if a player hangs on it or after years of stress on the rim, it won't do damage to the glass of the backboard. Replacing an entire backboard is much more costly and difficult than only the rim. Feel confident in these great backboards and rim packages that are built with durability and security at their cores.

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Basketball Backboard & Rim Packages

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