Wrestling Gear & Wrestling Shoes

When you hit the mat you need speed, agility, strength, fast reflexes, and experience, to level the competition. But all of that natural talent can go to waste if you're not performing with a great singlet, headgear, and wrestling shoes.

Great wrestling shoes, that fit properly, give you the traction, balance, and agility to bring your talents to the next level. When you lace up a pair of Nike or Asics wrestling shoes, you know that when you drop levels, your feet will be right where they need to be to take down your opponent.

Your wrestling singlet is your armor, protecting you from your enemy. They need to be snug, comfortable, and incredibly flexible, to protect you without holding you back from performing the most technical of moves. Thankfully, Sports Unlimited carries a huge collection of wrestling singlets, and through our Team Department, they can even be customized with your school or team's color, name, and logo!

We also carry a full range of wrestling protective gear, from knee pads to headgear, for both youth and adults. Knee pads protect your knees and keep you moving no matter what position you're in. With great fits, and moisture wicking, breathable materials, our collection of knee pads will hold up season after season on the mat. Headgear keeps the old noggin intact and defends against cauliflower ear, which can cause some long-term hearing and balance issues.

Don't let inadequate wrestling gear end you up on your back this year. Dominate the mat with excellent wrestling shoes and protective gear when you shop Sports Unlimited!


Wrestling Gear & Wrestling Shoes

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