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Adidas is a German multinational corporation that is known for designing and manufacturing sports clothing, accessories, and equipment. In 2013, Adidas developed 6 sticks that varied in size and price to accommodate players of all experience levels and in all positions, and has continued to produce these stick ranges every year. The amount of carbon fiber in each stick decreases throughout the line to provide players with a softer touch and a better feel thatÆs great for beginners. Adidas also uses a variety of specially formulated technologies to enhance the performance of each stick. For example, all sticks are reinforced in main impact areas for increased strength and to prolong the life of the stick, and the sticks in the Carbon and Compo 1 ranges feature the exclusive Dual Rod System, which includes two solid carbon rods in the shaft of the stick to increase the stiffness and maximize your hitting power.

Adidas is one of the top leading sportswear brands nationwide, and they have seen tremendous success in the field hockey market, allowing them to expand even more and devote more time and energy into their product research and development further improving their equipment. There has been a particular interest in this brand after the English Royalty, Kate Middleton, was last spotted using an Adidas field hockey stick with the British Olympic womenÆs field hockey team. If the Princess has an Adidas field hockey stick then it must be good!