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Sports Medicine
Sports Medicine
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Injuries are an unfortunate reality of sports, especially when you but your body on the line for your team. Whenever you get active, there is always strain put on the body, and this can cause all sorts of soreness, abrasions and even serious sports injuries. Thankfully, sports medicine has come a long way from basic wraps and medical tape. Sports medicine and first aid is moving towards the proactive, rather than reactive, with guards, braces and supporters that protect your body from traditional strains that heavy activity and full-contact sports place on it.

Mouth guards, ankle braces, knee braces, back braces, elbow braces and wrist braces are now common place in the sports world, across every sport, age, and skill level! And with improved technologies and techniques, they’re getting better and more effective every day. The people at Sports Unlimited know what it’s like to play hurt, and push our bodies beyond the limit, so we stock a huge variety of incredibly high quality and versatile sports medicine aids, to help you where it hurts. Our wide selection of braces, guards and supporters from major brands like Shock Doctor, Mueller, McDavid, Nike, and Bike are specially designed for almost any sport and any injury. Speed up recovery and get back out there, healthy and ready to go.