Ankle Braces & Foot Braces

For such a small part of your body, there sure is a lot you can do to hurt your ankles! You can twist them, roll them, strain them, sprain them, break them, and tear them. But with Sports Unlimited and the right ankle brace, now you can heal them!

Our vast selection of ankle braces, wraps, and spats give you plenty of options in treating the wide variety of ankle injuries. If you've experienced an acute traumatic ankle injury, like an ankle strain or sprain, it's important to wrap your ankle in strong, yet flexible support when you get moving again.

If these injuries are more intense, look for an advanced ankle brace from brands like Shock Doctor and Mueller, with built in stabilizers and splints, to support ligaments, tendons, and muscles. With these support braces wrapped tightly, yet comfortably around your ankle, you should be able to move with more ease and less pain.

If you experience Overuse or chronic ankle injuries, which usually often in high caliber athletes, like runners, ball players, gymnasts, and tennis players, it's important to immediately immobilize, ice, and treat your ankles. In the case of the following injuries, simply using ankle braces alone will not be sufficient enough treatment and may lead to further injury:

Remember: if pain worsens or doesn't improve within a few days of the injury, see an orthopedist.

Ankle & Foot Braces

Ankle Braces & Foot Braces

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