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Whether youĂre playing inside an NFL Stadium, on a high school field, or in backyard, Sports Unlimited has the football you need for the occasion. A football is the most essential piece to the game, regardless if it's tackle or two hand touch. We offer a range of footballs, in different sizes and materials that will suit whatever level you are playing.

Wilson are one of the most well known football manufacturers, and are the makers of the official NFL game ball, ˘The Duke÷. They also offer footballs specificly for College Football, Pee Wee Football, and everything in between. The official high school football, the Wilson TDS, is approved by the NFHS for play in all competitions. Leather footballs are most often used for games, while composite footballs balls are a great option for practice. Decide which ball is right for you by checking out our Football Buyers Guide.

As one of the most popular sports around, Football has captivated the attention of fans across the globe. No matter where you are in the world, tossing the pigskin is sure to bring to joy to all those involved. Get footballs and all the rest of the gear you need for a game on the gridiron from Sports Unlimited.

Q & A
By stevie from Albany New York on November 20, 2015
What features should I look for in my next football
By Customer Service on November 23, 2015

Hi Stevie, some things to consider are what age group you will be using it for, if you want a leather ball for games or a composite ball for practice, or a rubber ball for something to play around with. Other factors can be price. Our football experts will be happy to help you find your next ball. Please contact them at