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Track & Field
Track & Field
Track & Field
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Be the first to the finish line with track and field equipment from Sports Unlimited! From top brands like Gill, Blazer and PowerMax. With various skills like running, jumping, and throwing required, track and field is an all-encompassing sport. Therefore, athletes have to be in superb athletic condition to compete. We offer a wide variety of training equipment such as weighted javelins, agility ladders, step hurdles and resistance harnesses to strengthen your muscles and increase your speed.

We also have the best equipment for on the track. From high school to collegiate, men to women to juniors, we have equipment that fits every athlete. Brass, steel and iron shot puts, whatever you prefer. Hurdles of all heights, starting blocks and batons will have you ready to race. Discus' from 1 to 2 kilos in overall weight with variable rim weights.

Track and Field is one of the oldest organized sporting events in the world with the first Ancient Olympic Games being held in 776 BC in Greece. Today, the Olympics are a widely recognized and loved event that occurs every 4 years and features athletes from over 200 countries. Don't just watch it on tv, get out there and compete with track and field equipment from Sports Unlimited!

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