Knee Braces & Knee Supports

When you're active, your knees take a beating. No matter what sport you play, the cartilage and the joint bones in your knees have to withstand a lot of pressure. You call on your knees to stabilize you, put power behind your moves, and propel you down the field, the court, or base line. So when they start to ache, it's not just because you're getting older. Maybe it's just time to check out a knee brace.

Knee support and braces serve a few purposes for athletes and active people. If you're having some minor knee problems, like unsteadiness or joint pain, a compression knee brace is perfect for protecting and supporting your fairly healthy joints. These braces are made of durable, strong materials to provide maximum support and performance. They can range from lightweight fabric constructions to heavier and more resilient plastic and metal hinge designs. Your choice should depend on your knee problem, sport, intended duration of use, and budget. For instance, you may need a more heavy-duty brace if you have a more serious knee problem. But, if you plan on playing a season's worth of games with the brace, and have minor knee pain, using a lighter weight brace may be better for your performance.

Some knee braces work to support and encourage healing in the knees by increasing heat and blood flow to the area. Therapeutic knee braces and tape help to retain body heat efficiently using advanced designs and materials. This increase in heat dilates, or expands, the blood vessels in the area to allow more blood to flow through the injured knees, delivering increased nutrients, oxygen, and other beneficial elements that support faster healing.

At Sports Unlimited, we are committed to the safety and health of all our athletes. That's why we stock the latest and most effective knee braces, ankle braces, back braces, elbow braces, wrist braces, mouth guards, and other sports medicine products, to help you get back to your game faster and more safely. When you're sidelined by pain or injury, check out our vast collection of sports medicine and braces, taper your activity back, speed up your recovery and get back out there, healthy and ready to go.

Knee Braces

Knee Braces & Knee Supports

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