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Kinesiology tape can be applied to whatever part of your body that can succumb to swelling or injury. Most often, kinesio tape is applied to the knee, lower leg, ankle, or shoulder because those are the joints prone to athletic injury. Kinesiology tape is incredible for its ability to lift the skin at a micro-level in order to improve circulation that reduces pain and swelling and helps healing of the lymphatic system. Often identified by its multi-colored tape pieces and strange looking positional structure, kinesio tape is less complex than it may look and often comes with great instructions on how to apply for specific conditions from which you may suffer.

Not everyone needs kinesiology tape and most of the time, athletic tape will work great and is easy and fast to prepare. Athletic tape can be wrapped over blisters or around sprains to keep you feeling secure. A common sports injury is the rolled ankle and whether you want to prevent, protect, or help heal, wrapping an ankle with athletic tape can keep strength up and prevent lateral movement that often causes injuries. These tapes are versatile for all kinds of injuries, easily torn to whatever length you need, but resilient where needed so that once the tape is applied, it stays tight.