Slow pitch softballs use slightly larger patterns than that of normal baseball gloves because the ball played with is physically bigger than a baseball. That means it requires more space in your glove to capture it. That is obvious. However, some of the same web designs in the pocket are the same as baseball. There are a few traditional slow pitch webs that help fielders have the best chance of making the catch and getting the ball out of his or her glove easily enough to make the throw. Those web styles include a basket web which is also known as a woven web (looks like a checkered pattern of leather weaved in and out), a single post web that has crossing straps and one vertical strap, which in baseball is generally used at first base, but in softball can be used all over the field, and another web would be the Pro H which is similar to the Single Post, but has two vertical posts. These webs provide support and control on the softball field and that's why they are so popular among soft pitch players.

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