Getting into field hockey is an exciting time for young athletes. We offer various youth field hockey stick brands like STX, Cranbarry, Brine, TK and more because getting the right stick is important to any player. Choosing the right stick makes a big difference on the field especially when there are so many different types of field hockey sticks and different levels as well. Use our guide on how to choose the best field hockey stick to learn about the different parts of the stick and how to make the best selection for your youth player.

When players take the field, they want to have not only the best and coolest gear, but the RIGHT gear for them. That means the right size, material, toe, design, and bow in a stick. Other field hockey equipment have different details, but it gives a glimpse into smaller details of the stick. Additionally, Sports Unlimited has the exclusive rights to sell Stryk field hockey gear, which includes great starter kits that include what a beginner needs to first get started. Check out the stick guide linked in the previous paragraph for a better understanding of what will suit each player's needs and if you still can't seem to get a full grasp on what you're looking for, just call us at 1-800-693-6368 because we understand how hard that can be.