Kids' baseball cleats can be just as important as the glove and the bat they use. Running around the diamond isn't the same as running on a soccer field or a basketball court because the dirt on the infield and the grass on the outfield represent multiple terrains to run on. Having a solid pair of youth cleats with rubber or plastic spikes allows players to safely and quickly get to where they need to be. Providing great traction anywhere on the field and lightweight performance, youth cleats from brands like Easton and Mizuno are great options. Stability in the batter's box and speed on the base path can change the outcome of the game.

Youth baseball cleats can come in multiple "cuts". That means how high (or low) the material comes up on the ankle. Generally, a low cut cleat will provide more agility and speed, but sacrifices some of the stability of a mid cut cleat. Often times the decision on whether to go with a low or mid cleat comes down to the player's preference. Low cut cleats (of the same style) are usually a little bit lighter in weight than mid or high cut cleats, but higher and mid cut cleats can help secure the ankle from rolling better than low cleats.