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Q & A
By Jessica from Flagstaff Arizona on April 3, 2014
My question is, my daughter is 7, and this is the first time we are playing teeball, well I got her a glove, and she said it was the wrong one, because she needs a right handed glove. Well I'm confused because I can't seem to find one that just says plain old right or left hand. So could you please let me know, she is right handed, does she need a left handed thrower, or a right handed thrower glove?
By Customer Service on April 4, 2014

If she is right handed (writes with her right hand) she needs a "Right Hand Throw" glove, which means the glove will go on her left hand.

By Steve from Shrewsbury, MA on March 17, 2015
What size gloves do you recommend for a 5 1/2 year old boy and a 7 1/2 year old boy? Both are first time players.
By Customer Service on March 17, 2015

As first time players, they would both probably be fine with a 9" glove. Depending on the size of your older child, he may need a 10" glove if he is taller than average.