Baseball Cleats

Whether you're diving toward a line drive or taking off down the baseline, you need a pair of baseball cleats that are going to dig in and give you the lift off, traction, and speed you need to get the job done! But their job doesn't end there. Great baseball or softball cleats cushion your feet and stabilize your ankles with soft insoles and durable uppers.

For incredible, all-around performance, look for cleats with synthetic or natural leather construction.  These cleats hold up longer, and provide great structure to keep your feet and ankles stable and moving in all the right way. Inside, an EVA foam foot bed is a great feature, and cushions your foot on every impact, so your feet aren't killing you after every inning. Finally, make sure your cleats have the right outsole and traction for your game. If you need pro-level traction for everything from batting to fielding, make sure your cleats have at least a 9-Spike configuration.

You spend a lifetime honing your skills, breaking in a glove, timing your swing, and finding a rhythm on the diamond. But players so often forget that they spend 9 innings on their feet. Don't neglect them. Get a great pair of baseball shoes and see your entire game improve immediately!


Baseball Cleats

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