Women's Socks

So, you need new socks? The selection of socks can seem overwhelming with all of the different colors, materials, patterns, and cuts. Here are some things to consider when shopping for socks:

What will you be using the socks for? Running socks, soccer socks, and basketball socks are all different. Running socks are usually no show or ankle cuts and have design features that promote a snug, breathable fit necessary while running. Basketball and hiking socks typically have a higher cut to accommodate higher cut basketball shoes. Soccer, baseball, and skiing socks are knee high for sport-specific needs.

Does height matter? Any height of sock can be worn for everyday, casual wear, it is up to the wearer based on their preferences. The climate is also important when choosing sock height. If you live in a warmer climate, you may want a shorter sock or vice versa.

What color or pattern are you looking for? Socks can be solid colors, have simple patterns, or even have outrageous patterns. What you choose is up to you and can also depend on the activity. For example, if your soccer team wears solid red socks, you probably don't want to get lime green zebra stripe socks.


Women's Socks

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