Women's Knee High Socks

Socks are one of the most essential pieces of sporting equipment to date. Although usually an after-thought during pre-season equipment shopping trips, socks are one of the most important, and least expensive investments to protecting your feet. Socks help prevent blisters, they help your cleats and shoes last longer, and they keep you comfortable and your mind on the task at hand.

For some sports, like soccer, softball, volleyball and field hockey, knee high socks are also a necessity. Knee high socks keep your skin safe during those essential slides to second base. They keep your shin guards in place when kicking the game-winning goal and your calves protected when sliding across the volleyball court for a game-changing block assist. Even though knee high socks don't get the attention they deserve, they really are the MVP of your game-day uniform.

Sports Unlimited has a huge selection of practice or game-day women's knee high socks to fit your needs and styles. Search our selection of Red Lion's crazy prints and designs for spirit day, or Pro Feet's affordable solid color team socks for game day. You won't look good from head to toe if your sock game is lacking. Pick up a new pair of knee high socks from Sports Unlimited and kick last year's socks out of the drawer.

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Women's Knee High Socks

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