Field Hockey Stick Packages

Field hockey starter packages are a great deal for players new to the game of field hockey. All packages include a stick as well as a bag, shin guards and either a ball or goggles. These packages are priced affordably so you can be sure your young player truly enjoys the game of field hockey before investing fully.

The sticks are often constructed of either wood or fiberglass to give beginners excellent control and help them learn stick handling skills. They are designed for any position on the field and feature a lighter weight and standard bow shape. Stick sizes are available in a variety of lengths for new players of all ages. All other equipment included in the package is durable and entry level.

Unsure of what stick or package you should start out with? Call our field hockey experts at 610-825-6368 and we'll help you select the right stick.

Stick Packages

Field Hockey Stick Packages

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