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Sports Unlimited stocks a vast array of field hockey sticks for the competitive player. These sticks are designed for middle school or high school players, and are built for high levels of performance without requiring an elite skill level. But with such a large collection of sticks, even competitive players can get confused on how to choose the best stick for them.

It's important to learn more about how to choose the best field hockey stick, how sticks are priced, sized, built, and designed, so you can make the most informed decision.

At Sports Unlimited, we bring you field hockey sticks from some of the top brands in the industry today. Each of these brands offers and specializes in certain benefits, technologies, and features that make for different field hockey sticks. Most competitive players have a brand preference, so it's important to understand what each brand offers.

  • Grays field hockey sticks have long been the choice of the US field hockey team, and with their medium weights and turbo torque technology, feature incredible power with less effort. Their anti-torque technology increases the stability of their sticks and gives them an incredibly soft feel.

  • STX field hockey sticks feature the patented Encore system, built to contain vibrations for a more comfortable game. This system is designed to reduce vibration by more than twice the amount reduced by earlier technologies and techniques. Their other various sticks feature back weighting, perimeter weighting, and cavity backs, depending on your style of play.

  • Dita field hockey sticks have been the long-time choice of the worlds best field hockey players. Known internationally for their light sticks, excellent handing and head speed, Dita is tough to beat.

Now, Sports Unlimited carries two of the most elite brands in the world of field hockey; TK, from Germany, and Gryphon from Australia. These companies are known for creating light and powerful field hockey sticks. Click on some of their sticks or their brand pages to explore some of the newest sticks we've added to our impressive selection of field hockey gear.

Q & A
By Donald from va on July 3, 2014
Can 40 and 42 inch sticks be purchased ?
By Customer Service on July 3, 2014

Sticks longer than 38 inches are illegal for game play in the US and internationally. We are unaware of any manufacturers that make sticks longer than the regulation.