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STX Field Hockey Sticks

STX is a global sports manufacturer that is located in Baltimore, Maryland. The abbreviation of the company's name was inspired by the word "sticks", only spelled "S-T-X". They were established as STX Inc. in 1970 by its founder, Richard B.C. Tucker, and it has developed significantly since then. STX specializes in lacrosse, golf, and of course, field hockey equipment. STX has brought USA's National Team players, Carrie Lingo and Katie O'Donnell onto their own team for expertise on the construction of these field hockey sticks. From their experience, they are able to share their knowledge when it comes to each stick's unique design, in hopes of benefiting all players' needs across the globe.

  • Technologically advanced containment of vibration is designed to reduces "sting" or stick vibration
  • Players no longer have to worry about slippery hands and dropping their stick
  • Technologically advanced containment of vibration is designed to reduces "sting" or stick vibration
  • Constructed with a high-density plastic, surrounded by elastomer overmold to absorbs the stick's vibration
Cavity Back
  • Nudges the weight and material to the flat side of the stick
  • This extra material increases strength and makes stops easier
  • Found in most beginner level sticks
Perimeter Weighting
  • Transfers weight to the outer edges of the stick, initiating a balanced and deliberate surface with greater precision and control
Back Weighting
  • Transfers weight to the back, curved side of the stick
  • Gives more power to the strike as energy is moved into the ball from the stick
  • Maximizes the sweet spot for improved control and stopping effectiveness
  • Found in most beginner level sticks
High Def Polymer
  • Provides ultra-lightweight protection
  • Odor-free! This technology does not soak up rain or sweat, but rather, defends against these harsh odors
Microbe Shield
  • Similar to the High Def Polymer, this shield protects against tough odors that are susceptible during games

STX has made the lives of field hockey players much easier! This company has recently categorized their sticks into 3 different lines---Surgeon, which is geared for forwards, Stallion, for midfielders, and Hammer for defensive players. Additionally, each category is broken down even more into 3 stick options: beginner (100), intermediate (300), and elite players (500). Each stick is equipped with the construction of one or more of these advanced technologies and is made specifically to compliment each player appropriately in relation to his or her position or level of play.

The composition of each stick varies for the level of play:

  1. Most Beginner 100 level sticks have a lower composition of carbon and aramid and a dominant percentage of fiberglass. These sticks will be less expensive compared to others and are perfect for players who are just getting to know the game.
  2. The Intermediate 300 level sticks tend to have a higher carbon and aramid content; however, it is still primarily constructed of fiberglass. Some have higher contents of carbon or fiberglass than others and price will vary based on that. These sticks are perfect for high school or collegiate players that have sufficient experience with the sport.
  3. The compositions of the Elite 500 level sticks are consistent throughout the Surgeon, Stallion, and Hammer. Each elite level stick is composed of 95% carbon and 5% aramid. These are typically the heaviest and strongest sticks you can find but are also the priciest. They are designed primarily for professional elite field hockey players.


STX Field Hockey Sticks