Dita Field Hockey Sticks

Way back in 1891, Mr. Allah Dita began producing field hockey sticks, cricket bats and table tennis paddles in what is now called Pakistan. The word Dita is an Urdu word, meaning ""heaven sent"" or ""gift from God"" in the language of Pakistan. Since the 1970's, Dita sticks have become synonymous with greatness. They are now constructed in the Netherlands combining fiberglass, carbon and aramid to create the most durable and dependable sticks. They are then tested by players in the highest leagues.

In the U.S., Dita sticks are used by both the men and women's U.S. national team as well as many top college teams including Division I women's champions Maryland.

Dita sticks are available in three ranges: Exa, Terra and Giga. The Exa range is top of the line and offers an equal mix of both power and forgiveness, great for any skill level looking to improve. The Terra range packs the most power for experienced players who like to play fast. Lastly, the Giga range offers much more forgiveness so you can maintain ball control against opponents. If you're looking to improve your game to reach elite levels, you have to check out Dita sticks. They feature an international style with designs built for every position.

But Dita doesn't just offer sticks. They design turf shoes, bags and accessories as well. Many pros credit Dita for their ability to quickly pivot, spin and blow past defenders while wearing their turf shoes.

Dita Sticks

Dita Field Hockey Sticks

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