Grays Field Hockey Sticks

Established in Cambridge by world rackets champion H.J. Gray in 1855, Grays is positioned as an elite performance line that supplies quality sports equipment, specifically for racquets, cricket and hockey. The company is family-owned and has remained that way to this day, currently operating as the 5th generation and will continue to do so for years to come.

Grays continues to develop its composite range of field hockey sticks for every level of the game. How? Hi-tech fibers specifically formulated in deliberate directions and areas of the handle, blade and toe provide every model own unique qualities. The features of these sticks include:


Twin Tube Construction

What is the Low Backhand Zone?

The Low Backhand Zone, or 'LBZ', is an area of the shaft that is toughened with fiberglass to allow shots to be made with the edge of the stick. Without this reinforcement, sticks will deteriorate rapidly if these types of shots are used often.

Energy Reduction Handle (ERH)

What is a "drag flick"?

A "drag flick" refers to a scoring technique that is primarily used on penalty corners to take lifted shots on goal. This technique does not entail any form of backswing, but rather, a push. This is the only type of shot that is permitted to be lifted off the ground on a penalty corner with the intention of scoring.

Improved Feel Area (IFA)
Turbo Torque

CranBarry also accommodates players who prefer traditional wooden sticks versus composite. Gray's sticks offer durable head construction that allows for increased control when dribbling and receiving the ball.

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Grays Field Hockey Sticks

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