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Riddell Football Equipment

It's all about running around on the field with fire in your eyes and in your belly; dissecting the play real time and performing surgery on the field to succeed. It's about how quick you think, how fast you react, how well you anticipate every step taken by your opponents. Riddell stands for that. Sports Unlimited stands for that. We applaud you because we love the game. We bring passion to work every day because we can't get enough of this stuff and we only stock the best because why should we settle for something less?

Riddell has been an industry leader in football equipment since 1939 and with that much experience, drive, and innovation, Riddell is changes the game every day. Sports Unlimited loves being part of that kind of team. Riddell has you covered with all kinds of football pads; helmets, shoulder pads, knee pads, and everything else. Suit up with pride because when you give everything you've got, it's more than just the jersey on your back, the heart within your cage, and the armor on your chest: It's the game we love to play.

Despite our stylized retro pics, we don't fool around with anything but the highest quality football equipment. With a Riddell helmet, you're going to need a great Riddell facemask because optimizing the configuration of your facemask to your position and style of play can be the difference between winning and losing through that one play on the field. We've got the toughest shoulder pads and everything else you need to suit up in because when you are focusing on one play at a time, your equipment better hold up for the long haul. A championship isn't won on a play, it's won throughout the journey from training camp to the final whistle of the final game.

We are here to make those who want to be champions, champions.


Riddell Football Equipment