Riddell is renowned for its continous game-changing innovations in the realm of sports and football equipment, standing strong as one of the largest and most-trusted names in sports equipment. Riddell has been making its mark on the world of sports and protective equipment, beginning in 1939 when its founder, John Tate Riddell, invented the removable cleat. Since then, Riddell has been at the center of countless sports innovations, such as the plastic suspension helmet, that have forever changed the face of football.

Riddell is best known for their unrivaled lines of football equipment, particularly their football helmets. Riddell is continuously improving their designs based on medical studies, advancing technologies, and changing techniques. Utilizing the latest systems, built-in sensors, and age and skill specific features, Riddell football helmets are specially designed to keep each player, from youth to NFL pro, as safe and as sharp as possible. Because of their commitment to excellence, Riddell continues to stay on top of the world of sporting goods, and their helmets can be seen across the country on college and NFL players from every school and every pro team.

While a football helmet can prevent trauma to the head, Riddell football shoulder pads can also offer players an added layer of protection by absorbing shock as a result of hard-hitting plays on the field.

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