Patagonia Jackets & Backpacks

When Patagonia began in 1973, it was a small company that made tools for mountain climbers. Over 40 years later, the company has grown to become synonymous with high-quality outdoor wear all while staying true to its mission of building products that don't damage the environment.

Patagonia makes some of the best jackets, vests and fleeces on the market, both in warmth and quality. No longer a niche company, you're just as likely to see the Patagonia logo splashed on jackets as you walk down a city street as you are when you're scaling the face of the nearest incline.

Still, Patagonia has held on to its core values, contributing 1% of its sales to environmental groups. The company uses recycled polyester in many of its pieces and tries to create processes that limit the amount of pollution created. The result is a minimalist style with massive appeal.

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Patagonia Jackets & Backpacks

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