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Patagonia Backpacks

Patagonia got its start as a small company making alpine climbing tools. Today, they have grown into a worldwide leader making apparel, footwear, and packs for all outdoor enthusiasts. At the heart of Patagonia's mission is their love and dedication to the environment. Patagonia donates their services and at least 1% of sales to grassroots environmental groups working to preserve our beloved environment.

Patagonia backpacks and travel gear cover all the bases with packs ranging from small urban backpacks and messenger bags to off-trail hiking backpacks.  All Patagonia backpacks feature either recycled or recyclable materials, reducing their impact on the environment.

We can all agree on one thing - our planet is being harmed in more ways than one, and we must step up our efforts to preserve its beauty and function going forward. Patagonia aims at just that. Patagonia Backpacks and Duffel Bags are made of recycled or recyclable materials, so their impact on our planet's health is reduced. And they don't stop there. Patagonia uses at least 1% of all sales towards environmental efforts, supporting hundreds of grassroots environmental efforts around the world, all with the unified goal of saving our planet.

Patagonia Bags & Backpacks

Patagonia Backpacks