Backpacks have evolved through the years to accomodate current technologies such as lap-tops, water bottles, and smart phones. Brands like The North Face, Jansport, Oakley, and Under Armour design bags with special materials that are able to withstand a daily abuse and weather conditions to keep your books or gear dry. Make sure to read the bag description and features because not all bags are water-resistant. With plenty of great designs not only in the colors and prints, but also in the straps, compartments, and volume, backpacks can serve a lot of purposes and be specialized to fit your exact needs. To figure out what type of backpack is perfect for you, visit our Backpack Buyers Guide.

While it is a totally acceptable method of backpack-selection to choose based on style and design, the backpack savants at Sports Unlimited are here to help you find the perfect balance of fashion and function. Figuring out those strap buckles, height adjustments, and other easy-to-overlook parts of the backpack can be challenging, but once you understand their purpose and how to properly use them, your backpack will not only carry your gear, it will serve you best.

Q & A
By Jillian from Florida on August 18, 2014
On the bottom of the page there is multiple backpacks in a image but it doesn't say what they are. Can you explain to me what the names are ?
By Customer Service on August 19, 2014

This picture is to show you an example of the wide variety of backpack styles available. You can find individual product pages for all available backpacks above.