Messenger Bags

Over the past ten years, messenger bags have become increasingly popular with kids, college students, and young professionals. They exude a more put-together, professional look than a backpack, without the corporate, mature look of a brief case. This perfect medium and their functional performance has made messenger bags the first choice for bags all over the world!

Derived from the classic bag of package messengers and delivery people, modern messenger bags typically feature one main, comfortable strap that you can wear over your shoulder or across your chest, and a large compartment for all of your books, laptop, papers, files, and other stuff. The main compartment is covered and protected by a flap, that usually features a document pocket for even more storage. Made with incredibly durable materials from fabrics to leather, messenger bags are perfect for young commuting professionals, college students on the go, and anyone who bikes and needs some extra storage.

Check out our huge selection of messenger bags of all shapes and sizes, from great brands like Jansport, Patagonia, The North Face, and Duluth Packs. But if you're not sure messenger bags are right for you, you can also browse our huge collection of school backpacks, laptop backpacks, and rolling backpacks to find something better suited for your needs.