When you go on a day hike, you want to make sure you have everything you need to keep on trekking. You'll need a good hiking backpack to keep your essentials close-by, without slowing or weighing you down. Most backpacks created with the hiker in mind include features like loop holes for trekking poles, organization pockets for water bottles or hydration bladders, whistle, reflectivity patches, adjustable shoulder straps, adjustable hip and sternum belts to keep your weight load comfortable, organizational pockets and quick stash pockets to keep all your small items in place and easy to access and find, and a ventilation system to keep your back breathing while you are moving.

Shop Sports Unlimited's hiking bags to help store your packable rain coat for those unpredictable rain storms or wind gusts, and your lightweight mid layer fleece to keep you warm when the temps drop in the shade and higher altitude. If the fickle weather isn't as much as a concern in your climate zone, try a hydration pack with water bladder to hold your water for your day hike. No matter the bag you choose, pockets and organization zones are almost always included to pack your essentials like keys, wallet, phone, map and trail mix.