Bocce Ball Sets

Bocce ball is a classic backyard or beach game, perfect for people of all ages! So to help you find the right set for your next backyard BBQ, check out the following recommendations:

A high-quality bocce set will run you anywhere from $75 to $140.  But for something a little more affordable, check out some of the great economical bocce ball sets, that range in price from $40 to $60.

The price of the set tends to determine its weight, construction, and materials, so keep these in mind when looking for a new one! Those higher-end bocce sets are built with solid, single-piece construction, and are usually made from composite resins, for incredible durability, precisions roundness, and balance. Our more affordable bocce ball sets are typically made from plastic or wood, and are much lighter than higher-quality bocce sets.

If you need a bocce ball set for a backyard game, picnic, or simple family time, it's totally okay to go with a lighter, more affordable set, typically between 100mm and 107mm. These sets may not roll as well as higher-end ones, but over the uneven surfaces of a grassy backyard, precise rolls aren't as important. For serious players or beach play though, high-quality, precise bocce sets are a big advantage!


Bocce Ball Sets

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