Stadium Seats

You love seeing your kids perform, play sports, and shine on the field. But what could be worse than having to sit on those uncomfortable bleacher seats for hours at a time? They're hard and cold, there's no back support, and come on, you love your kids, but who can sit on stadium seats like that for an entire season?

Now say goodbye to uncomfortable bleacher seats and sore backs and behinds forever. And say hello (and thank you) to the Patented Stadium Seat! The best stadium seat in the country, Stadium Chair easily attaches to virtually any type of bleacher and instantly creates an incredibly comfortable seat with real back support that you'll actually look forward to sitting in! Now there's no excuse to miss the kids' track meet, field hockey matches or basketball games. This line of stadium seats will allow you and your family to sit in style and (most importantly)comfort while watching the game live!

Made with a strong powder-coat painted tubular steel frame, covered with a fade and mildew resistant, easy-cleaning Cordova canvas cover, and a double-fabric back for strength and support, the stadium seat is without a doubt the most comfortable, versatile, durable, and coolest-looking stadium seat on the bleachers these days. With its rubber, non-slip skids on the bottom of its frame, it never slips or scratches, and its patented hook secures it to any type of bleacher, old or new! It comes in a rainbow of colors, almost infinite combination of seat and back colors, and multiple sizes for every member of the family. Sports Unlimited even offers custom silk screening and embroidering for your seat back and bottom. Add your family name, your child's number, or a nickname. It's up to you, so get creative and give our Custom Team Department a call at 1-800-693-6368 to set it up, get pricing, and availability.

Now let's talk mobility and versatility. After all, you have to get the thing to the game first before it can solve your bleacher pains. Stadium seats quickly fold up for easy transport  with an attached tote handle and you can even get a handy travel case! And did we mention Sports Unlimited also offers Stadium Chair Legs that attach to your bleacher seat, turning it into the most comfortable side-line chair, backyard seat, or tailgate chair of all time! I think you'd have to agree, that's pretty versatile.

Sports Unlimited is one of the biggest distributors of the Patented "Stadium Chair" Stadium Seat, and has been selling them, customizing them, and trusting them for years. Our selection is unprecedented, and our prices simply cannot be beat. We offer tons of different seats of all shapes and sizes, along with a huge variety of options and add on's like seat warmer cushions, carrying bags, and attachable organizers. With so many choices, and the best prices in town, it's hard not to find a stadium seat you couldn't get years of comfortable and stylish use out of.

Even after only a few games you'll see what a difference Stadium seats make in comfort. No more discomfort in the lower body while sitting at the game. We deliver on time and pricing versus comfort is no problem. Comfortable and sturdy, you'll only wish you hadn't waited so long to order one!

One of our customers even wrote to us "I ordered the Stadium Seat and optional Carry Bag on Monday, Feb. 8. My order shipped on Feb. 9. via UPS. My seat and bag were delivered on Friday, Feb. 12, in time for my daughter's first track meet! Sports Unlimited kept me posted via email through every step. "Assembly" consisted of sliding the canvas seat back over the frame and using a screwdriver to secure the seat back with the two included screws. This is by far the most comfortable stadium seat I've ever used. It kept my bottom off the cold, hard bleachers, and provided comfortable back support. It is sturdy but not too heavy to carry (especially with the bag). I was hesitant to order because I thought it was a little pricey compared to the usual cheapies at the sporting goods store, but took a chance and am glad I did. It is WELL worth the price if you will spend a lot of time sitting in the bleachers. I anticipate being able to use this through my children's high school years and beyond. My husband has already hinted that he'd like one, too."

"Excellent quality stadium seat. Best one I could find. Very happy with pricing, shipping, and service. Would buy again."

Q & A
By joy from pa. on November 19, 2015
what is the extra back seat assemble of 5.99 for?

By Customer Service on November 20, 2015

If you were to purchase the chair as is, the canvas back would not be attached. Some people find it difficult to attach the chair back or do not want to go through the hassle, so they can pay the $5.99 and we will install the chair back, so the chair arrives completely ready to use! If you decide to put the back on yourself, don't forget to use the four screws that come with the chair to secure the back- otherwise it will end up sliding off and you may lose it.

By Ty from Hattiesburg on June 8, 2013
Trying to decide between the regular and wide version. Will the wide version fit in most college football stadiums? I am not sure what the standard dimension is. I have season tickets for southern miss.
By Customer Service on June 10, 2013

The seat on the wide chair is 20" wide. You would want to check with the stadium first regarding the size seats they can accommodate as they are not all standard.