Rawlings baseball equipment can be found at any league, any park, any game in America because since 1887, Rawlings has been a dominating manufacturer of all things baseball. One of the trademarks of the Rawlings brand is their partnership with Horween Leather Company, which is one of the most long-standing tanneries in the United States. Rawlings uses Horween leather because it is some of the finest in the world and made right in Chicago. One of the most important aspects of a baseball glove is the quality of leather used, but equally as important are the design and construction of the glove itself. Those three aspects, material, design, and construction are what sets Rawlings apart from other glove-makers and is what has kept Rawlings at the forefront of the baseball equipment industry for a hundred years.

Rawlings not only makes fantastic ball gloves, but also delivers great catcher's gear, baseballs, bats, batting helmets, and other accessories. One of the most recognizable products that Rawlings makes are its baseballs and t-balls. When selecting a Rawlings baseball to use, take a look at the name and graphic on the ball to make sure you'll be using the proper baseball for your league. If you're simply looking to have a catch, most of them will do just fine and some are designated practice balls. Wherever you find the Rawlings name, you find quality.