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Schutt Football Equipment

Schutt is known throughout the industry for its innovation, advanced technologies, and high-performance. That's why more and more pros in the NFL make the switch to facemasks, Schutt football helmets, Schutt shoulder pads, and other protective equipment  every season. Their quality and real-world performance cannot be denied!

Schutt protective football equipment covers players of all ages and skills in durable, tough, lightweight, and specially designed gear that is built to perform under any condition. After all, what good is a helmet, shoulder pad, or rib protector that protects you, but keeps you from playing your best? You need great equipment that makes your game better, and safer, in every respect.

Sleek, and designed to protect the player from serious injury and concussions, Schutt football helmets are made for serious players of all ages, who want to get the most out of their game, while staying protected. The pinnacle of their impressive line of football helmets combines safety, performance, and comfort, all in the innovative, mold-breaking Schutt Vengeance. Its large standoff shell gives plenty of room for the incredibly efficient and durable TPU cushioning system, providing improved impact absorption, heat management and hygienics. Also, choose from a variety of styles of Schutt Vengeance facemasks. Combine this with its TPU SUREFIT Air Liner with dual inflation points for a perfect fit and increased comfort, and you have one of the coolest, and most ground-breaking helmet in football history.

Schutt's lines of football shoulder pads have pushed the limits and broken the mold of what shoulder pads once were. The advanced Schutt Flex shoulder pads deliver amazing on-field performance by managing heat and moisture with vapor holes and increased air flow, while improving mobility and range-of-motion, so you're never held back by your gear. Their specially designed shoulder pads are perfect for every position, age, and skill level, and are the pads of choice for college and pro players throughout the country.

With their range of pad sets, face masks, chin straps, girdles, jaw pads, and rib protectors, Schutt is setting the standard for football protection and performance. Whether you're a pee-wee league player, the star of your high school team, travelling with your college squad, or making a name for yourself in the pros, Schutt has the helmet, shoulder pads, face mask, and accessories you need to take your game up a notch. And with our full selection of Schutt products, you're sure to find exactly what you need, at a price you'll love.

So browse our huge selection of Schutt football gear to find your favorites.


Schutt Football Equipment