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Schutt is known throughout the industry for its innovation, advanced technologies, and high-performance. That's why more and more pros in the NFL are making the switch to Schutt football facemasks and Schutt football helmets every season. Their quality and real-world performance cannot be denied!

Sleek, and designed to protect the player from serious injury and concussions, Schutt helmets are made for serious players of all ages, who want to get the most out of their game, while staying safe and protected.

Schutt prides itself on its football helmets and can make the claim to having the most five-star rated helmets in the Virginia Tech Helmet Ratings with six helmets making the cut in 2018. That includes their newest helmet, the Schutt F7, which ranks second only to the Vicis Zero1 in the ratings. The F7 has a distinctive look with a cut out top panel that features a layer of TPU on top of the helmet. While making use of Schutt's recognizable blue TPU padding on the inside, the F7 adds new innovations like a Radial Diffusion Liner that helps the helmet move independently from your head, lessening impacts.

Sports Unlimited carries all of Schutt's impressive lines of football helmets, including the Schutt Vengeance Pro, Vengeance Z10, Vengeance VTD II, Vengeance A3, Air XP Pro VTD II, Air XP Pro Q10, Recruit Hybrid and Air Standard football helmets. Perfect for youth and adult players of all skills, Schutt is who you come to when you're looking for maximum protection and incredible performance.

Browse our huge selection of football helmets of all shapes, sizes, and styles to find your favorite.

Q & A
By roma from temecula, ca on July 16, 2015
how to size properly

By Customer Service on July 20, 2015

Use our football buyers guide to learn how to properly size a helmet. The guide can be found here.

By Michael Campbell from Apple Valley, CA on March 31, 2015
Do you have a buy back program for old helmets that are three years old?
By Customer Service on April 1, 2015

Unfortunately, we do not have a buy back program. You can contact Schutt directly for reconditioning options.